Ugly Delicious is Beautiful

I have been so enjoying this series on Nexflix. In the clip below, Ali Wong breaks down how Yelp reviews are sometimes unreliable, specifically “I want to know what percentage that gave it five stars was Asian.” That’s the reliable part.

The fried chicken episode was also a pretty incredible commentary about food, culture, appropriation, heritage, and racism. It has made me think about how Western culture has always appropriated what it lacks, and then dilutes it down to make it palatable to White culture specifically avoiding the discomfort of the problematic history of colonialism, slavery, oppression.


I so appreciate how people of color are telling their stories about the cost of such practices to the original cultures from which it came, and love how we are reclaiming what was ours to begin with.

Food that we were made to feel embarassed about when we were kids is now food that I am proud to say I love to cooking, eating, and sharing. No spoilers, but the dish that David Chang makes that is the final shot in the fried rice episode is ugly delicious perfection.

There’s a lot of things about America that wouldn’t exist without Asian contributions, including its modern infrastructure, technology, agriculture, and small businesses. I had recently seen Trevor Noah perform, and he gave us all a timely reminder that White Europeans were once willing to sail off the edge of the flat Earth because their food was so bad, just for a taste of spice. One of the things that I am so proud to be a part of in the American narrative, is that Asian Americans have escalated food culture here. We do food right.

Images: Shutterstock

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