Don’t let the NRA control the narrative again

WE CALL BS. Don’t let the NRA control the narrative again.

I’m super skeptical about every idea that Republicans are willing to look at now. Makes me think that the NRA already knows which laws will have no impact on gun sales.

What’s in this background check? It should be focused on criminal history (excluding drug related offenses), indicators of past history of violence, including domestic and child abuse or having a restraining order taken out on you. Any of these and no guns, EVER because sociopathy and a history of violence are predictors of future violence. The only relevant psychiatric history should be If you’ve been in a psychiatric hospital for suicidal or homicidal ideation, but unfortunately both Conservatives and Liberals are pushing an overinclusive narrative about mental illness and violence that is ableist and overreaching. And a background check is not enough anyways because as many people know, many of these mass murderers didn’t have any previous history. But you know what? Do it anyway. Let’s start that slippery slope that the NRA is so afraid of and keep going all the way towards repealing the Second Amendment.

Also, what is the evidence that changing the age that a person can purchase a gun to 21 will do anything? Is this just hand waving? Probably. Same thing with bump stock bans. But do it anyway.

And just to make this part explicit. Donald Trump was supposed to be listening, but he talked anyways, and even though he had the cue card to tell him to say “I hear you” so that he could fake empathy and pass the Turing Test, he failed anyways and never actually said “I hear you.” And what does it say when an actual human being fails the Turing Test? And that human being is the president of the United States of America? Like he actually is the Manchurian candidate and both the NRA and Russia are his puppet masters. And of all the things he could have said, his one big idea from his “best quality” Germanic brain was to ask teachers to be held responsible for killing another human being, possibly a current or former student armed with superior firepower, under the worst of possible circumstances. Don’t do this idea because it is stupid.

WE CALL BS. Don’t let the NRA control the narrative again.

This should be the narrative:

Repeal the Second Amendment. It’s time.

Ban the manufacturing of weapons that are made for human carnage. I call BS on all the people that say that a handgun is also semiautomatic and so there’s no real difference with an AR-15. Read this article from a radiologist who sadly is an expert on the lethality of gunshot wounds: What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns

Offer buybacks and confiscate existing weapons that are banned. Yes, we are coming for your guns. It’s a hobby, deal with it.

Compel gun manufacturers to insure themselves for liability which should make the costs of guns unattainable for many and less economically viable for manufacturers.

Require gun owners to earn the privilege, not right, to have handguns or hunting rifles, and definitely make them insure their weapons as well – the more deadly, the more expensive the insurance. The hunting rifle that Dick Cheney accidentally shot his friend in the face with should be less costly to insure than that semiautomatic handgun. Actuaries should be able to calculate how costly that should be, and a White male should be the highest risk pool. If the CDC isn’t allowed to do research, let State Farm do it. Based on the number of deaths in the U.S. annually from guns, the cost of insurance should be prohibitive for most people. And that’s fair because that’s how insurance works – death is very costly.

Limit the number of bullets a person can have. If you want to protect your home, there’s no reason why you need to have hundreds of bullets. Fifty is more than enough for that purpose, like they do in Israel (who the NRA loves to cite as an example of a country with lots of guns) for private citizens.

And if you want to be part of a well-regulated militia, enlist. The days of protecting your slave-holder rights ended a long time ago.

WE CALL BS. Don’t let the NRA control the narrative again.

This transformative change in culture has happened in the past, look at what happened to cigarettes. It went from something cool to something gross and embarrassing. Now you can’t practically smoke anywhere in public and it’s super expensive to do so. That’s because it’s understood to also be a public hazard — harmful and potentially deadly to those around that aren’t even smoking. Sound familiar?

So the idea that we can’t change gun culture or that severe regulations won’t stop people from doing dangerous things that harm the general public is a lie.

WE CALL BS. Don’t let the NRA control the narrative again.


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