The Christian vote disappoints again

The midterms were not as positive as I had hoped they would be. Based on how people voted, one of the things we learned today is that not enough Christians demonstrated regret for putting Trump in office. This is despite having two years to come to terms with and own up to that mistake, after already achieving their goal of a conservative Supreme Court majority (I still don’t agree that this is the way to justify voting for him, but that’s what many of you said).

This disturbs me because it means that those Christians still don’t acknowledge the long term impact and harm that this administration (and their vote in 2016) has had on every other American that isn’t a White heterosexual wealthy male.

I don’t recognize a Christianity that is that self-centered nor that willfully detached – but from past experience I do know exactly where that comes from. That’s the product of a fear-based theology, built around the image of a punitive father god, preoccupied with attaining the certainty of personal salvation in the afterlife. It’s no wonder that they not only don’t resist authoritarianism, they embrace it.

Meanwhile people suffer here, not because of personal sin, but because of the consequences of bad choices made by their neighbors. But for God’s sake, it was your dog that took a dump on the neighbors’ lawn and it’s not right to expect other people to keep cleaning up after your dog. We’ll keep doing it because we’re good people like that, but from this point forward (and definitely before the next election) I’m asking you to take responsibility and clean that shit up.

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