An Asian American Story

Went out to dinner with another family at a Korean restaurant. We got there first to get us a table and being the super Asian I am, gave the host my credit card and said, “we’re paying, don’t let the other party pay.” He says cool, totally understands what’s up.

The other party arrives, my wife immediately intercepts them at the door of the restaurant, walks them over so there’s no early attempt on their part to try and slip a card to the host. Haha. We’re pros.

Near the end of dinner, the wife gets up with her daughter to take her to the bathroom, but I’m thinking that we’ve got this covered, because you know that this is a classic move to try and get-the-check-before-you-ask-for-the-check move. Amateurs. Don’t they know that we already saw this coming?

We casually chat a little more after crushing an awesome meal, and I tell the guy that I gave my card to I can sign now. The husband says “What are you doing? We got this. It’s okay.”

I proudly say, “We out Asianed you, we already gave them our card, we’re paying.”

Then the manager comes by and says, “This meal has already been paid for!” I’m thinking “See! Like I said.”

But no! Apparently, the wife during bathroom break, who is Korean, spoke to whoever in Korean, and out-Asianed me with her Korean kinship card, and paid for the meal already. I did not account for the home court advantage.

Check. Mate.

It was so impressive that we weren’t even that mad.

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