A different kind of Advent – the truth cannot be banned

A critical thinking person would understand that an administration that bans the CDC from using the words “science-based” and “evidence-based” not only does not value truth, but is actively trying to suppress truth.

The follow up question would be why?

A moral person, who understands that there are things that are good and things that are evil, would understand that people in power that suppress truth are self-serving and will make important long lasting decisions that benefit themselves, at the expense of others.

The follow up question would be what should I do about this?

This is not about politics. This is about a small group of privileged and powerful men solidifying their place at the top of the mountain. They do this because they see that the rest of us are climbing and are not deterred. And they feel threatened.

Think. Feel angry. Be moral. Be good. Resist. Join. Push back. Push forward.

We all have just as much entitlement to a good future as these leeches. A future where someone who is transgender gets to just be a someone reminds us that we don’t live in a binary world, and that a world that has diversity is a better one – a diversity of thought, religion, race, culture, and sexual identity is superior to one that compels us to believe that a White Evangelical patriarchal norm is somehow best for all. I’ll give Trump and all his supporters that much – they’ve made it easier to be disgusted by the idea that Capitalistic tribalistic misogynistic Whiteness is something worth aspiring to. No.

Like Herod who was fearful of the prophecy of the child that would be King, growing in the belly of a woke-ass teenage girl who in the Magnificat told anyone who would listen what she knew, even before that fetus was born. Mary did know. Stop asking. Listen to the women. A new world is coming, where the marginalized and oppressed would be seen and heard and valued, and the powerful would be brought low.

The patriarchy is vulnerable.

Advent. Justice is coming. Diversity is coming. This is good news. We eagerly await its arrival. Truth cannot be banned.

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