The United States of America once passed a law called the Chinese Exclusion Act. That was in 1882. It was racist. It still has impact for people like me because to some people I “don’t look American” even though I was born here. That’s because people like me weren’t allowed to immigrate to the United States until 1965 while European immigrants had no such restrictions.

The United States of America now has a president who said “why would he want “all these people from shithole countries,” adding that the United States should admit more people from places like Norway.” It’s now 2018. He’s a racist. Policies like this make some people think that America is only for people who look like him.

If you are White, this is why you need to be more than #notallwhitepeople and be more anti-racist. That means don’t vote for racists.

Written by Joseph Lee, M.D.

I'm a Psychiatrist in private practice in Redondo Beach, CA. I completed both medical school and residency training at UCLA. My practice is psychotherapy based with a health-oriented focus on personal growth and wellbeing. I also teach about mental healthiness and advocate for social emotional learning (SEL) in all contexts.

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