Conservative Theology makes God seem small

So in Conservative theologies, God is so HOLY that he can’t be around sin, which is the whole reason why there has to be ideas like penal substitutionary atonement and why there needs to be a literal Hell so God can have his space. #boundaries

Then why did Jesus, who is also God, go out of his way to spend his incarnated life with every type of sinner that he could when he was here? Like, how did he do that? Sure doesn’t seem like the sensible behavior of a sinphobe. I’m allergic to cats. I’m not going out of my way to hang out with cats. It’s almost like Jesus was trying to make a point, you know?

Related, if we reflect God’s image but a fallen version because of original sin, how come I can be loving, gracious, affirming and not judgey towards LGBTQI Christians but somehow God can’t even deal?

And if it’s “Your kingdom come, and Your will be done,” why does it seem like a really small number of people (Nashville Statement affirming Evangelicals) are the only ones getting into heaven? God seems to have pretty mediocre goals if that’s the case and the types of people he seems to favor seem really douchey to me. #justsayin

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