If Jesus was alive today (and on social media)

Do you ever get the feeling that if Jesus was alive today that Evangelicals would be trolling his Facebook page and telling him to read the Bible?

And if Jesus started to use parables to make a point they would yell at him in all caps “SOLA SCRIPTURA!”

And if he shared about spending time with the marginalized they would tell him “do not be unevenly yoked to unbelievers” and click “unfollow.”

And if he encouraged people to help the needy, they might share his post, comment #thoughtsandprayers but do nothing else.

That after he posted something provocative or controversial relative to their orthodoxy, they would call him #fakenews #heretic.

And that after a long series of comments on one of his Facebook posts, they would say “I’ll pray for you” while secretly wishing that he would just die. And he would oblige.

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