Who is lying and who is telling the truth, Comey or Trump?

Article: CNN – 10 Things We Learned From the James Comey Hearing

How much should we trust James Comey?

He thought it would be a good idea to document his conversations with Trump, because he believed that Trump would intentionally lie about their meetings. Comey was right.

He decided to hold information from Jeff Sessions at the time because he assumed he would recuse himself of anything involving the Russia investigation. Comey was right.

He thought that leaking the content of his memo to the press would lead to the appointment of a special prosecutor. Comey was right.

He believed that Donald Trump was untrustworthy and is a liar. Comey was right.

He expected that the scope of his prepared statement and his three hour testimony under oath would prove to be believable, especially compared to the reputation and track record of Trump. Comey was right.

What was remarkable about Comey’s testimony was that it was easy to take it all as being true. He spoke openly and provided many details. He answered questions. He didn’t give non-answers. He has a good memory of key events. He used sound reasoning. His answers made sense. He was blunt when necessary.

Trump lies. Comey didn’t.

As for the criticism that there was no “smoking gun?” If you think for one second that Comey missed an opportunity, you aren’t paying attention to who this guy is and how he operates. Whatever happened in closed session and whatever he handed over to Mueller is the part we don’t see, but it’s easy to infer that this intelligent, prepared, and experienced strategist is moving all the necessary pieces to accomplish what he wants to see happen. And his motivations are clear and can’t be spun as a merely being a disgruntled former employee. Even the Republican senators by the end of the hearing acknowledged that James Comey has been a respectable public servant and patriot of high integrity, deserving of our gratitude.

Like many Americans, like many people who love this country, he wants Trump out.

Mueller is just as capable and will finish the work that Comey started.

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