Republicans choose Party over American lives

Article: HuffPost – GOP Congressman: ‘Nobody Dies Because They Don’t Have Access to Healthcare’

Thanks for clarifying that Congressman Labrador. So I guess what I learned in medical school about how untreated illness and disease works, and what some research at a place called Harvard Medical School in 2009 said about how 45,000 Americans died every year from lack of health insurance before Obamacare…well you and your 216 other complicit health care experts can then give up your health care because what’s the use really?

And if my sarcasm didn’t come through, then let my anger be more clear. To give a sense of scale and significance, more Americans will die from this upward wealth redistribution scheme every year than the total number of US soldiers that died in Iraq. Ten times more. And every year moving forward estimates are that the number of uninsured will only increase with this plan. So you know who will be responsible for the death of the most Americans over the next few years? Not ISIS. Not war. Not home grown terrorists. Not bad hombres. Not refugees from Muslim countries. Republican legislators and the President.

Wake up. This is what happens when people ignore politics or only listen to biased or fake news. It makes career politicians think they can do whatever they want in their delusional bubbles while real Americans in the real America suffer and die while they laugh, shake hands, take selfies and celebrate sticking it to Obama.

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